2 refashioned men shirts

5 second hand men shirts styled on a mannequin

I adore old men shirts. Usually cause the materials are quality cotton and used shirts have been washed again and again making the material soft. When I visit second hand or charity stores I always go through the mens section just for these shirts. Now i had an idea stuck in my head to combine shirts with different cuttings and pleats.

I chose to my design piece one old pink colored made in Finland shirt and striped US POLO shirt. I started to think about the lines, how the cut should be done in the front to make the most use of the buttons.

When I figured out the way how to make the front look like I cut out the pieces. I usually do not plan that much in advance, just let the flow determine my design.

In the pic above shirt is finished from the front, back is still without pink part. At this point I also started to think about the sleeves, something with pleats and volume.

Sleeves ready, pink panel in the middle of the sleeve with some volume on the shoulder.

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